Bernd M. Nestler

*1960 in Regensburg

"Icon", 1998 130 x 162 cm

“Icon”, 1998
130 x 162 cm

Light and color are the basic creative principles of glass artist Bernd Michael Nestler. He studied art history at the university in Regensburg and later on graphic art and painting under Professor Jürgen Reipka at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Nestler has developed an own formal and visual language merging figurativeness, abstraction, transparency and opacity with precise line structures and surfaces. Many of his works deal with sacral topics, such as icon painting, which he reinterprets with modern techniques. In addition, the artist focuses on profane subjects, thereby taking a wander through art history and exploring images by Dürer, Manet and others through means of glass painting. As early as the 1980s, Nestler participated in the development and production of 16 windows for the Regensburg Cathedral conducted by Josef Oberberger. Numerous public and private commissioned works and Art-in-Architecture projects followed. In 2006, the artist presented a mirror installation at the Asam Church, Munich. In 2011, he won a European competition to design a window at St. Christopher Cathedral in Roermond, Netherlands. Nestler has been collaborating with Franz Mayer of Munich Architectural Glass and Mosaic for several years.